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Customized 12L hard bottom cooler bag camping storage bag portable single shoulder

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Welcome to OEM / ODM business!

MOQ: 500pcs, delivery time about 40-75 days.


Can customize 12L hard bottom ice bag camping storage bag portable one shoulder cylindrical bag.

Specification details:

Internal volume: 12L

Number of cans that can hold: 17 cans (330ml, long cans)

Ice holding time: 72h

Overall dimension: l 292 x W 292 x H 373

Internal dimensions: l237 x w237 x h273

Outer box size: l 302 x W 302 x H 403

Net weight: 1.55kg

Gross weight: 2.18kg

Product features:

◾ Hot pressed cotton top cover, more flexible

◾ The plastic hollow top handle makes it more comfortable to carry when the bag is empty

◾ Nylon airtight zipper for effective waterproof sealing

◾ High strength TPU polyester double-sided laminating cloth outer bag, waterproof

◾ TPU polyether double-sided laminating cloth liner, waterproof and corrosion-resistant

◾ NBR insulation cotton layer, soft, strong ice protection

◾ Plastic side handle for better grip and easy lifting

◾ Detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying

◾ Adjustable elastic front strap can fix clothes, towels and other objects

◾ The front net bag can hold beer bottle caps or various small objects

◾ Nylon woven belt ring, which can hang all kinds of small tools

◾ Detachable bottle opener for more comfortable bottle opening experience

◾ Hot pressed cotton base, wear-resistant

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