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Scorpion tail buckle bicycle bag tail bag waterproof kit can be quickly disassembled

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Sedagon quick disassembly saddle bag

Sedagon quick release saddle bag

Model: sbwpq4m

Quick disassembly: quick disassembly of scorpion tail

Specification: 210x (70-100) x (65-110) mm

Capacity: 1.65L

Fabric: 600D nylon fit TPU

Full waterproof design: 600 D nylon fitting TPU, scratch and tear resistance, roll mouth and bag mouth design.

Internal anti slip design: anti slip frosted fabric is added to the inner wall to help prevent the sliding of articles.

Quick disassembly and fixation of scorpion tail: screwdriver free, unarmed installation, chute disassembly, easy travel.

Tail lamp hanging belt design: it can be hung at multiple points to facilitate the hanging of various tail lamps and ensure safety.

Reflective safety sign design: reflective on both sides. The logo design ensures the reflection of light from the side and is fearless to ride at night.

The waterproof level can reach the international ipx6 level.

The scorpion tail can be removed quickly.

Streamlined design, simple and generous, reducing wind resistance.

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