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The mass-produced version of Podragon Luya waterproof bag, one shoulder backpack, is simple and easy to walk, Luya

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2023-08-28 21:15:59

The original design of the airtight Luya waterproof bag, Podragon Luya bag, shines throughout the venue. Its mass-produced version showcases a mature charm, and has applied for utility model and appearance patents. Counterfeiting is a must.

The best experience of outdoor life is always inseparable from equipment, and comfort, practicality, endurance, and personalized appearance are the main contents of their discussions.

Talking about the Podragon Podragon 10L Road Sub Waterproof Bag Mass Production Edition

On August 15, 2023, Haizelong launched its innovative style of airtight and waterproof backpack - Baojieluya Waterproof Shoulder Bag.

This is the first mass production after the patent was approved, and the quantity is not too large. There are four colors in total, namely: the low luxury snowflake gray color, the profound Longyun pottery glaze color, the colorful urban camouflage color, and the strong desert camouflage color.

Perhaps the snowflake gray style is very neutral and can be accepted by both men and women. Many introverted Chinese people choose the neutral snowflake gray style, which is not flashy but has a bit of luxury, which is very suitable for the personality needs of Chinese people.

The Longyun pottery glaze style is a highly recommended style, mainly due to its original design of shading, with a color between khaki and yellow brown, and a deep yellow luster, similar to the luster of pottery glaze, which is very friendly. The combination of Jiaolong and Xiangyun creates a balance between history, culture, and fashion. In some mature enthusiasts, emotional expression is obtained.

We often pursue breakthrough outdoor equipment, some personalized and unpopular special equipment required for outdoor sports. The specialization and precision of outdoor sports make their corresponding equipment more segmented and specialized.

Whether it's a rock climbing adventure backpack, rescue equipment kit, diving equipment kit, or Luya emergency backpack, it has become a set of beautiful scenery in outdoor equipment.

We all know that innovation and invention are not easy, and the charm of innovative inventions lies in their high market monopoly value. Of course, the cost of twists and turns, especially time and improvement costs, is not something that ordinary enterprises can afford. Because of this, knowing that tigers in the mountains tend to travel in the direction of tigers, the use of airtight zippers for outdoor waterproof bags has been a thing of the past decade. The earliest use of airtight zippers was metal zippers, such as fishpond and simms fishing bags. Later, there were alternative rubber zippers, which were not very strong. Of course, their body was also very "burly", with a width of 40-50mm, and the space occupied at both ends was also quite large, greatly squeezing the other space of the bag, In addition, this type of airtight zipper is quite delicate and prone to malfunctions. Sometimes a tooth falls out, and sometimes misalignment cannot be corrected, resulting in a high rate of defective products in production.

Until the emergence of textile airtight zippers, this was a new type of airtight zipper created within a decade. It was lightweight, small in size, easy to process, low in defect rate, and low in damping, which greatly killed everyone.

Hereby, high-end waterproof bags in the market, especially the airtight zippers on small and medium-sized bags, all use woven TPU surface airtight zippers.

Internationally, brands such as Fishpond and Simms have aging bag shapes, with few innovative and revolutionary new models, making people visually a bit tired.

In recent years, the rise and innovation of Podragon have been eye-catching. Podragon has broken away from the original design style set by Europeans and Americans, overturned the old design style, introduced elements with deep cultural heritage, and integrated some elements of Chinese civilization into the design of bags, endowing fashionable bags with cultural and artistic connotations.

Outdoor equipment backpacks are no longer simply functional and aesthetic, but also carry emotions and spirit.

In this era, personalized clothing and bags carried by individuals have become important expression media for their individuality. We have noticed that the psychological needs and emotional expressions of some fashion and enthusiasts are fully reflected in clothing and bags.


The logo has been changed to an Indian avatar, highlighting both taste and image. Unyielding genes.

Add two force pulling ears at the top of the main zipper to make the zipper more powerful, pulling it all the way.


Easy to use

The inner bag is sewn more firmly and is tear resistant.

Capable of carrying fishing rods

Add an ear hole on one side of the kettle pocket to form a combination of upper and lower double holes, which can be used to attach fishing rods.

Smoother and more rounded

Transform some details and molds to make the appearance smoother and the structure more natural and reasonable.

Stream Practical Test

Practice is the only way to know whether it is truth. Our unwavering innovation is to verify our ideas. Practicality and simplicity, culture and visual communication, comfort and appearance are all tested in practice!

Breaking the waves and riding the wind, hitting the water and shaking the waves, just to try the world's smoothness, I have come again. The summer stream, the endless murmuring sound, is the most nourishing secret realm.

Perhaps some people say that this is a good attempt and exploration, with both performance and appearance, as well as the fusion of culture and fashion, becoming the biggest highlight of this new product. This may be the most beautiful and beautiful Luya waterproof bag currently available.

Being in the wilderness, at first glance, it's her that makes me unable to move my eyes away!

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