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Beautiful and simple waterproof bag for mobile phone, original work of Baojie dragon fish style

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2023-02-28 14:11:32

The new style of the waterproof bag of 2021 mobile phone is coming!

As we all know, China is the factory of the world, and its ability of OEM is divine. However, its originality has only developed over the years. This is why the waterproof bags of Podragon brand continue to introduce original styles.

New style, fish-shaped mobile phone waterproof bag is coming! The combination of outdoor professionalism and fashion makes outdoor life wonderful!

Mobile phone waterproof bag, airtight zipper, concealed opening at the back, compact, too intimate. Abandon superfluous complexity and pursue pure outdoor life experience. This is the real me!

The waterproof bag of this mobile phone is opened from the back and stuffed into the bag in parallel through a black technology airtight zipper. It is just right, and the design is just right. A mobile phone under 7 inches can be stored.

In Chinese culture, fish is a symbol of abundance, representing the meaning of food and clothing. So, today, our original designers, combined with outdoor sports equipment, will integrate outdoor equipment and bionics together, and see this mental process.

In culture, like a fish in water, fish swimming in water, and deep love between fish and water are all beautiful moral and symbols. A scene of abundance!

Fish, to products that change and fit into use, is a conceptual circuit diagram.

Beauty is justice. Nice looking, matching is born from the heart! Thank the designers for their devotion!

Talk about the design of fish-shaped mobile phone waterproof bag

The fish-shaped mobile phone waterproof bag launched by Podragon is based on a completely independent and original concept, which is different from the appearance design of other peers.

Of course, the details have its unique characteristics:

1. Simple appearance

There are transparent windows and photographic windows, and the shape is full of rhythm.

2. Strong function

Podragon fish-shaped mobile phone waterproof bag adopts air-tight waterproof zipper opening, and the fabric selects double-sided tpu film with a thickness of 0.45-0.62mm to ensure that each link is tested by strong water pressure. Soak in water 10 meters deep for 1-2 hours to ensure no water ingress. Touchable and underwater photography...

The design idea is to use it as soon as you get it, and the appearance has strong recognition. The pursuit of simplicity, such as outdoor swimming, river tracing, rafting and surfing, can be used to protect your mobile phone, while taking photos and hair rings.



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