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Explanation of color application in outdoor waterproof bag design

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Color is energy

The importance of color in visual communication design

The uniqueness and artistic effect of color itself determine its wide application in production and life. As a form of modern art design, people pay more attention to the application of color in design. Color is closely related to people's life, and it has a profound impact on people's spiritual and emotional experience.

People's living standards are improving day by day, and they also pay more attention to enriching their own spiritual world. The aesthetic outlook has also undergone fundamental changes. There are also personalized and diversified requirements for the application of color in design. To design works that meet people's psychological needs, designers need to fully understand the psychological and emotional needs of the audience based on design psychology, and on this basis, carry out color matching to show the best design effect. At the same time, in the fast-paced life, people's focus on anything is very short, and visual design can therefore use visual color to produce an instant impact on people's vision, enhance people's impression of products, and achieve a distinctive effect.

Color in industrial design

There is no doubt that complementary color matching is to choose two opposite colors for complementary matching, and selecting similar colors is similar color matching.

Color matching tends to be more vivid and cheerful, and will also produce obvious contrast, thus increasing our memory of this color and product. Industrial design color matching will choose very similar colors to promote all color matching to look more harmonious and unified. Compared with complementary colors, it will lack some memory points.

When designing the color of products in industrial design, we should pay attention to the selection of hue, lightness and purity and the influence of color on human physiology and psychology. Color can express meaning, and different colors and color combinations can give people different feelings: red warm, blue quiet, purple mysterious, white simple, black dignified, gray simple, etc. The color design should reflect its appeal and enhance the vitality of the product according to the theme expressed by the product. The perception of product color is also affected by the era, society, culture, region, lifestyle and customs of consumers, reflecting the development direction of fashion trends.


Practical case: outdoor airtight waterproof waist pack swimming storage bag

1. Olive green (light), the smell of spring

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack - Olive Green Style

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack - Olive Green Style

It symbolizes peace. It is a green color, between moss green and ivy green, like olive fruit. The love of youth and fashion.

2. Olive green (deep), responsible temperament

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack with Dark Olive Green Style

There is a reassuring color called olive green (deep); There are a group of figures guarding their homes, called soldiers. One of the favorites of military fans.

3. Lemon yellow, the freshness of first love.

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack in Lemon

Lemon implies green and astringent love, pure and refreshing. The avantgarde color of girls and teenagers.

4. Silver Snake Grey, proud and confident.

Silver Snake Grey Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack

In fact, it is high-grade gray, which will appear smart, arrogant, confident, and a bit cool. It is suitable for you to show your ability and wear when crushing your opponent. It will make you bring a cool and unquestionable temperament. Neutral color, suitable for men, women, old and young.

5. Snow ash, romantic luxury.

Snow Grey Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack

A symbol of perfection, with complex and beautiful shapes cut by nature. Light and white, solemn and solemn. Suitable for all kinds of people.

6. Forest camouflage, the excitement through the jungle.

Forest camouflage Podragon airtight waterproof waist bag

It is full of mystery and connotation, and a mixture of warning, concealment, understatement and manifestation.

7. Urban camouflage, a colorful fantasy beyond avantgarde.

The colorful urban color, the unconventional color publicity and visual impact show the youth personality and vitality.

8. Military green, the youth memory of military fans

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack Army Green

The light military green represents honor, responsibility and responsibility, and represents a fighting spirit of advancing bravely.

9. Precious blue, noble cool and gorgeous.

Podragon Airtight Waterproof Waistpack - Royal Blue

Sapphire also represents hope. Royal blue has the same noble feeling as purple, so it is the noble position among blue.


Nowadays, industrial design and society have been more closely combined, which more reflects the cultural connotation of color. So how to use color reasonably, apply color scientifically in the process of product design, interpret the product perfectly, and integrate color and product organically.

1. Meet the functional requirements of the product

The harmony between color design and product shape, structure and function requirements is an important sign of color design success.

2. Meet the principle of human-machine coordination

The color design should make the operator feel happy, safe and not easy to fatigue, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate operation and improved work efficiency.

3. Meet the requirements of the environment

Color design should not be limited to the product itself. We should focus on the whole environment. Make the main color of the product coordinate with the surrounding environment and become an organic part of the environment, create a good color environment for people, make people feel comfortable, work happy, safe production, and improve efficiency.

4. Conforming to aesthetic principles

(1) The contrast of color design and the contrast of harmonic colors can make the quality or quantity of the two elements be specially emphasized, so that they show their own characteristics and vitality. However, as a whole, products are not allowed to be confused and separated from each other. We should pay attention to the organic connection of color and make it an organic whole, so as to make the product full of vitality, stability and cordial feeling.

(2) Color balance and stability The sense of balance and stability of color matching is an effective way to achieve visual balance and stability. Especially for the products with asymmetric and unstable shape and structure, the balance and stability of vision can be achieved by using the sense of color. For example, if the bright color is on the top and the dark color is on the bottom, it will be stable, otherwise it will be dynamic.

(3) The rhythm and rhythm of color matching is an important feature of modern industrial product modeling design. The combination of color rhythm and rhythm with the change of line or shape can produce smooth and continuous movement effect, or intermittent and abrupt jumping movement effect.

The proportion and segmentation of color matching are generated by the shape and its combination. Using the contrast and harmony of colors, the proportion and division of color matching, and the function of color, we can emphasize the beauty of proportion in the form of modeling.

5. Meet the aesthetic requirements of the times

With the change and development of the times, people's aesthetic standards have also changed.

6. Pay attention to the selection of color tone, color technology and economic effect

Generally, the main color of industrial products is one or two colors. The choice of the main tone is closely related to the coloring process and economy. Generally speaking, the less the main color, the easier the coloring process, and the better the economic effect; conversely. The coloring process is complex and the economic effect is poor. In any design, color design is very important, and so is industrial design!

From ancient times to the present, the collision of colors has occurred all the time. The single color is monotonous, but the collision between them is shocking. The collision of colors has created countless beautiful works of art, bringing us a grand visual feast.

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