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What kind of Luya bag? What bag is better for Lure? How about the quality of Podragon Lure waterproof bag?

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Podragon Lure waterproof bag, one shoulder satchel, full waterproof, airtight zipper, with full blood pressure, super handsome and beautiful

Podragon Rure Subwaterproof Bag
[Name]: Lure waterproof shoulder bag
[Trademark]: Podragon ®  Baojielung ®  Hundred Rivers Dragon ®
[Weight]: 1500g
[Size]: 398x268x135mm
[Waterproof level]: benchmarking national standard ipx8
[Manufacturing process]: Seamless bonding voltage high cycle
[Opening mode]: airtight waterproof zipper
[Storage capacity]: 10L, can store a set of outdoor clothes, sunglasses, power pack, several bait boxes, etc
[Body Fabric]: Camouflage polyester double stick TPU
[Carrying mode]: single shoulder+handle

Podragon lure waterproof Bag
Main advantages of the product:
1. The thickened waterproof fabric, i.e. tpu bonded polyester fabric, is used. The overall thickness is about 0.6mm, which can reach the diving level waterproof performance.
2. The black technology airtight waterproof zipper is used, which is 8 # main zipper and 5 # front pocket zipper respectively. The zipper can be pulled smoothly, which fits the needs of buoyancy and dry clothing protection in the actual use of wading scenes.
3. High quality and durable brand fasteners are used to ensure that every detail is reliable.
4. It adopts the international design of simplicity and atmosphere, and has applied for an appearance patent this year.
5. In structure, the shoulder system of single shoulder+auxiliary diagonal pull is adopted, and the auxiliary diagonal pull waist can be quickly disassembled to enhance the stability in the process.
6. Waterproof performance, strong waterproof performance, up to ipx8 waterproof standard.
7. The product is novel, with high appearance and high appearance.

Podragon  waterproof lure Bag
Background of innovation:
A few years ago, Mr River, at the strong request of some friends in the fishing circle, devoted time to research and demonstration, and developed some waterproof bags suitable for lure and fishing sports. After 18 months of hard research, design and proofing, it finally welcomed this camouflage style Podragon lure waterproof bag, which has both functions and appearance, and combines appearance and connotation.

Waterproof performance:
The waterproof fabric, namely tpu fitting fabric, and the airtight zipper are welded seamlessly to complete the main bag body.
Its waterproof performance reaches ipx8, that is, water resistance, and can withstand splashing at all angles.
The lure bag should be suitable for the lure sports scene, so its backpack should not be too large, easy to carry, lightweight, and quick to disassemble.
Rich plug-in systems:
There are rich hanging designs on the front, both sides and shoulder straps of the bag.
Applicable scenarios:
Wading fishing, drifting, surfing, river tracing, ferry, beach and other activities.

This is the Podragon lure waterproof bag. Camouflage style and pipa style are all waterproof, cool, handsome and fashionable without losing connotation!

Have you ever heard of lure fishing? Why is it called water golf? What will you get from fishing in lure? My fishing style may overturn your understanding! lure fishing method is a kind of fishing method. Compared with traditional fishing method, lure fishing method is more environmentally friendly, does not require nesting, and is simple and easy to carry. It makes the simulated bait simulate the movement of bait fish by the angler repeatedly throwing the rod back line, thus triggering the attack of the target fish. Because it needs to throw and look for fish constantly, which is a kind of movement that the whole body should coordinate.

lure, compared with Taiwan fishing, it is an unusual fishing method. It is a kind of advanced fishing method, which attaches great importance to the combination of rods, bait and wheels of anglers. It is not very friendly for novice friends, but this does not prevent us from understanding it.

What is its principle? This is what many friends are curious about. It is a kind of fishing method that imitates weak creatures to cause big fish to bite. It is a way to lead you into the urn during fishing.
Not only that, there is also a saying, that is, lure means to go at once. Portable and light, it becomes the benchmark of lure.

Storage capacity of lure waterproof bag:
One shoulder bag can solve almost all the problems of lure's equipment, such as fishing rod, pulley, bait box, thread, sunscreen clothes and hats, sunglasses, bottled water, fish control device and pliers... Take down all the bags. This is the 10L capacity Podragon Road Sub waterproof shoulder bag.

In fact, the happiness of the people of lure is very simple. One shot, one round, they meet a few friends, say go and go. lure is not so much a sport as a happy experience combining movement and stillness.

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