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It's great. It's OK to step on it. Podragon waterproof waist bag, air tight, pressure bearing. It has many disadvantages

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-10-16 14:11:07

Today, we got the latest version of Podragon's airtight waterproof waist bag, namely Pro2.0, to strengthen the optimization version and conduct a airtight pressure bearing limit test.

As we all know, Podragon airtight waterproof bag is the benchmark of the industry and the aesthetic school of outdoor waterproof bag, that is, the aesthetic leader.
In addition to the extreme performance, it is not easy to add high color value to the outdoor waterproof bag. Many factories want to make performance bags, but with aesthetics, few can do it.

To get to the point, we will do an airtightness test of waterproof waist bag, full name: airtight pressure bearing limit test of waterproof waist bag.

First of all, we should check the completeness of the waterproof waist bag, the air tightness, and the emptiness of the bag to ensure that the pressure is scientific.

The waist bag is empty, so there is no hard support when stepping on it. It is all supported by air pressure.

Now I step on it. The lawn is a little uneven, which certainly does not affect the test effect.

The whole person steps on it, weighing about 160 kg, and each bag shares 80 kg. That is, the waist bag can bear at least 40kg of extreme pressure.

Change your shoes again. Due to the extreme extrusion, the air in the bag has been compressed. The waist bag is slightly deformed.

Take off your shoes and step on them again. Hold on for 20 seconds. Don't come down. After a while, you will feel the pressure limit.

This test was repeated three times, and the results were the same. The Podragon waterproof waist bag was subjected to strict test experiments, and the results were harmless.
It is concluded that the air tight pressure bearing limit of Podragon waterproof waist bag is at least 40kg.
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