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Go to the sea, you are in the distance, Podragon free diving equipment, webbed backpack, follow me to wander

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-09-25 14:38:35

Podragon free diving webbed bag waterproof backpack is a unique design of diving equipment bag.

Podragon free diving webbed bag waterproof backpack is specially designed for free diving enthusiasts. It has the characteristics of convenient storage, portability, balance between lightweight and waterproof.

Autumn is coming, and Ma'an Island in Zhongshan is more charming. So one day, I came here early in the morning to see the beautiful scenery of the day.

The shipping here is developed and there are many ships coming and going.

There is also a working platform for dredging the channel in the distance.

I carry a waterproof backpack with Podragon free diving flipper bag, and take flippers with me. Although I can't use them, I purposely take a picture of them...

Podragon free diving webbed bag waterproof backpack has been greatly optimized in the overall structure. For example, the front pocket is added with an elastic mesh bag to increase the space for storing wet objects. A mobile phone waterproof bag is added at the side, which greatly enhances the practicability.

The backpack system has also been optimized, taking into account the comfort and lightweight needs of the backpack. The combination of breathable and cycling backpack foam board and wide waist blades has greatly improved the experience of the entire backpack.

The fabric is made of double-sided tpu nylon fitting fabric, which is 0.62mm thick. It is tear resistant, scratch resistant, and thick to the touch, making the high-end feel on the paper.

Podragon free diving webbed bag waterproof backpack in the waves in a flash!

A full waterproof backpack that is beautiful, functional and experience oriented.

Its purchase address is Taobao, China, which has a high cost performance ratio. It supports overseas ordering, and the transshipment warehouse is very convenient!


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