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Full waterproof backpack Podragon white marble bag Yetan water test evaluation

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-09-20 10:26:29

I heard the sound nine miles away, and looked closely at the clear water in a pool.

In the valley, there is a clear pond, which is very quiet.

The waterfall flushes, and the white marble Podragon waterproof backpack falls down the river into another pool.

The water in this small pool is not deep, estimated to be 1-2 meters, 3 meters square, not big. But the current is very fast, so the bag will not sink until it floats on the water.

I like listening to the whimpering of mountains and waters, just like a happy song, which makes people relaxed and happy.

The waterproof backpack floated to the edge of the rock with the water waves, and it could not escape from the whirlpool.

Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack is fully waterproof, that is, both the main bag and the side phone bag can soak in water. The main bag lasts for 30 minutes, and the side phone bag lasts for 2 hours or more.

Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack has a main bag with a capacity of 36L, a side water bottle net bag and a side mobile phone bag, a front pocket and a front pocket net. The external hanging system is very developed.

The computer compartment and zipper pouch in the main bag can store the items in the bag orderly.

Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack is also a free diving flipper backpack, which can store a pair of long and short flippers.

The style of white marble is very fashionable and eye-catching. Of course, this fabric is not easy to dirty and clean.

The optimized design of Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack includes both lightweight and comfort of the backpack system, strengthening the waist blades, making the weight transfer to the hips and sharing the weight of the backpack.

Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack is also called flipper backpack, frog shoe equipment bag and free diving equipment bag.

Snorkeling is a sport that many ordinary outdoor enthusiasts can afford to play. From their residence to the shore, they need to carry a lot of professional equipment. So, the Podragon outdoor waterproof backpack is such a tool. It can complete the task of carrying. In addition to storing protective items, it also ensures that some items are dry, that is, it has waterproof function.

Whether it is a breathing mask or dry clothes, electronic products such as mobile phones, cameras, power packs, etc., all need to be carried conveniently.

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