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Surpassing Fanyong and leading the wave, podragon waterproof Bodypack, orange and olive green forest camouflage, a new model with beautiful appearance, is on the market

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-09-09 16:39:09

Beyond mediocrity, the soul boutique - podragon waterproof waist bag, leading the trend all the way!

Podragon waterproof waist bag camouflage, forest camouflage, iron blood style.

Podragon waterproof waist bag is more durable and delicate!

Podragon waterproof waist bag, every detail is fully considered! Donafu's buckle, jacquard binding, herringbone soft belt, more simple ribbon clip, and even the mask style foam design in Beijing opera art are all full of artistic elements.

The back of the podragon waterproof waist bag is designed in the style of facial makeup with Chinese elements, which is full of personalized attention. In addition, the back panel is full of elasticity and more comfortable.

Podragon waterproof waist bag is orange green, elegant and romantic!

Podragon waterproof waist bag is a combination of literary youth and outdoor talent!

Podragon waterproof waist bag workshop production corner!

Every bag has poured countless sweat and time!

More styles of podragon waterproof waist bag are worth looking forward to!

Podragon waterproof waist bag this is a coquettish, smart and transcendent outdoor professional waterproof equipment brand.

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