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Podragon's new color waterproof waist bag is fully stocked, and we look forward to better providing quality products for fans

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-09-05 15:54:02

Podragon waterproof waist bag is well-known in the field of outdoor waterproof products. In order to optimize the appearance of high-quality colors, a new fancy stock production is specially arranged.

Start to weld the logo and reflective effect. Boutiques need to be made by master level masters.

Constantly debugging the mold, trying to find the best method, both firm and beautiful.

Production of lemon yellow waterproof waist bag.

Production of snow gray waterproof waist bag.

The meticulous and dedicated attitude of technical workers is admirable.

Production of shroud.

Production of orange and olive color snorkeling Bodypack.

Lemon yellow waterproof waist bag is made of the surrounding sheet.

The front panel of the lemon yellow version is finished.

The front panel of the orange green version is completed.

The steps of the zipper welding process are being manufactured.

Lemon yellow zipper welding process.

Women's favorite urban camouflage waterproof waist bag is being cut.

Cutting of forest camouflage.
This is podragon waterproof Bodypack, an original, novel, dedicated, professional and soulful snorkeling Bodypack.

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