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What details have been upgraded? Upgrade handsome streamlined diving waterproof waist bag mobile phone waist bag IPX 8 GB

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-08-19 22:01:40

As a highlight product of original design, podragon, a streamlined diving waist bag, waterproof waist bag and ipx8 swimming waist bag with high appearance and handsome appearance, is constantly innovating.

The full black version of obsidian Mars shading is full of stability, mystery and charm.

The color matching of the snow grey model is also elegant with a bit of stability.

The three-dimensional design is very durable, and the full body makes people full of confidence.

This is a pro version with many parts and details upgraded. Let design lead aesthetic fashion.
Among them, the logo logo changes the rectangular reflective bottom to the family prism, which fits more closely with the line of the bag and has a more sporty feeling.

The zipper size of the front pocket is expanded from the original 14.5cm to the effective length of 16.6cm, so that more models of mobile phones can easily enter and exit the front pocket.

The main zipper adopts small-scale zipper, and the effective opening and closing size is slightly expanded.

The storage effect is obviously small and large.
The pro version has also upgraded some details, such as the gill patch on the front panel is changed into a shield shape, which is more powerful.
The separation material between the front bag and the main bag is changed to light waterproof fabric, which increases the elasticity and comfort of the front bag.
This is the podragon diving waterproof waist bag. Others only catch up and never surpass.

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