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Fairy design looks as podragon's new waterproof backpack diving equipment flipper bag makes a debut

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-07-29 21:26:22

What handsome and beautiful backpack have I never seen? However, it is really the first time that the waterproof backpack is so beautifully designed.

Podragon full waterproof high-end waterproof backpack 36L large capacity webbed bag, diving equipment backpack.
A waterproof backpack famous for its handsome, an outdoor waterproof backpack made by 28 years of professional outdoor equipment engineers!

This is podragon diving equipment flipper bag, also known as snorkeling frog shoe backpack, which is specially used to store diving supplies and clothes.

Its main feature is that it is suitable for wading scenes, that is, the environment of seaside, pool and river bank, and suitable activities: swimming, swimming, river tracing, surfing, boating, fishing, snorkeling, diving, etc. It should have professional waterproof performance, even if it falls into the water, it can float, and so on.

Overview: family design language, professional carrying system, rich plug-in system, multiple interior bag separation design, side mobile phone waterproof bag, side kettle mesh bag, plus exquisite high-end thickened TPU waterproof fabric, excellent hand feel, no odor, relaxed and natural.

Maybe this is the waterproof backpack of the handsome award of the year! It's very handsome. Of course, it's also ordinary.

This sample, with white as the main body and black as the auxiliary collocation, has strong color contrast and strong visual impact.

Lightweight + professional carrying system, air elastic back plate comfortable and refreshing + wide blade to share the load, which can cope with daily load easily. The wide blade belt design allows the weight-bearing force to be distributed to the waist and hips, which is natural and easy. Someone described this backpack system. The whole bag is like a child lying on the back of an adult, so secure.


Side pocket and side net pocket, airtight waterproof zipper mobile phone bag - large capacity, which can accommodate small valuables such as mobile phones, licenses, card rechargeables, and mobile phones, licenses, cards, and other valuables at the same time. Moreover, the zipper is air tight, which ensures that it can soak in water for a long time, and there is no need to worry about water intrusion.

Simple and elastic mesh bag, which can replenish water at any time. Two sides, with sufficient capacity when used, close to the bag when not storing items, excellent.


Wet clothes can be hung on the elastic rope to ensure that the dry and wet are separated and do not mix with each other.

Front pocket and front net bag, family design language - surrounded by five dragons, more reliable and safer.

The moon shaped section and barrel shaped enclosure are in line with the ergonomic principle, so that the center of gravity of the back is infinitely close to the spine, making the back more comfortable and easier to take objects.

Horizontal webbing strengthens binding, butterfly patch of family design language, and high-level design resistant to pulling and tearing.

The design of folding pocket opening and expandable capacity is conducive to the storage of excess items.

The internal partition of the computer bag, with wide capacity and shockproof design, can accommodate a large 15.6-inch notebook.

Small items are separated by zipper bags to take care of the owner's valuable and private items.

Reflective logo, reflective front elastic rope, reflective shoulder straps and reflective stripes ensure safe travel and night travel.

The fasteners of big brand duonaifu show the product positioning.

This is the most handsome waterproof backpack of the year. Podragon's webbed bag has both beauty and practicality! This is a professional waterproof backpack with comprehensive functions. This is the appeal of Shuai Ku!

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