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A truly waterproof camera bag is recommended. The rainstorm Zhongshan Linxing camera witnessed the strong performance of the camera waterproof bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-06-08 22:48:13

Podragon waterproof photography bag, the first real waterproof zipper photography bag in the industry, is a one shoulder waist bag, which is suitable for crossing, rain forest, wading, going to sea and other scenes.

It has the capacity of one machine with two mirrors, and it also needs to carry some other items. It has a front pocket and an independent zipper opening for convenient and quick storage and access.

The waterproof bag of the camera is placed in front of the body and used in combination with the mountaineering bag or backpack. On the one hand, it can ensure that the camera can be quickly taken out for shooting while traveling, and on the other hand, it will not affect the storage of the backpack.

Today, it rained incessantly. The rain wetted the camera bag. It looked like it was soaked through.

The whole hillside was drenched, so I had to stand on the rock to reduce the penetration of water into my shoes.

The grass in the mountain forest is luxuriant, and the water drops are full when passing by.

Stroll through the mountains and forests in the rainy season, and prepare various rainproof and waterproof measures. For example, electronic products should ensure that water is isolated.

When the rain stopped, take out the camera and lens and prepare to take photos.

The main bag adopts a watertight zipper, which can be pulled smoothly and is much better than the airtight zipper. It gives consideration to the use experience of waterproof and drawing.

Ipx6 waterproof makes it unnecessary to worry too much about water penetration even if the entire camera bag falls into the water and is taken out in time, so as to avoid damage to the camera, lens and mobile phone.

You can pull the zipper smoothly. However, remember that the bag should be waterproof and the zipper must be pulled to the end.

This is the test in the rainy season. The waterproof bag of the podragon camera and the waterproof photography waist bag have strong performance.

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