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Real gold is not afraid of fire. Torrential water tests the waterproof performance of the podragon camera waterproof bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-06-01 09:13:40

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After toiling and climbing mountains and rivers, I finally reached the legendary Zengge lake, which is a Beitai stream with abundant water power. When I hold a palm of water, I really want to drink it. It must be very sweet.

Step over the surging water and stand on the exposed rocks.

Take the new one shoulder photography bag and try its waterproof performance in the water.

After tightening the zipper of the camera bag, press the bag into the water and squeeze it into the water repeatedly.

After 7-8 times of repeated extrusion into the water, it was found that the air expansion of the bag did not change. It floats as soon as it is pressed into the water.

The water drops drop down when you lift it up.

This professional waterproof photo bag is portable, lightweight and waterproof, which makes me look forward to it.

Life is like running water, sometimes it whimpers like a bell, sometimes it trickles down.

I like the free atmosphere outdoors and the happy atmosphere in the mountains. Love outdoor and take photos. Photography is my life.

Look forward to the next time, when we meet, we are still young, this beautiful scenery.

This is the process of testing the podragon Photo Bag Backpack today.

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