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New original first one shoulder camera waterproof satchel photography backpack light portable light luxury

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-05-22 21:26:06

Brand new, fashionable, light and luxurious, happy outdoor shooting.

Exquisite materials, unique performance and unique character.

Podragon brand one shoulder camera waterproof satchel, simple, handsome, different, elegant and light luxury!

Color matching and line trend deduce the rigid bag into a beautiful and dynamic boutique. This is the charm of design and the value of aesthetics.

Master's hand, nearly 30 years of experience in luggage industry design, and experience involving the cases of major top brands in the world, have made River's design handy, and the high-quality products are inadvertently presented to people's eyes.

As a professional waterproof lightweight camera bag, in addition to the basic shockproof and fall proof functions, it also has the characteristics of portability, ease of use and simplicity. In addition to the professional waterproof performance, its manufacturing process is not twice as difficult as sewing.
One machine with two mirrors or one machine with one mirror, plus some valuables and a mobile phone in the front bag. This beautiful bag is really bright in front of people.

The liner is compact and practical. A 15mm thick primer is also strengthened at the bottom of the liner, which greatly reduces the impact damage even if it falls accidentally.

The front bag with the same professional waterproof performance can accommodate at least one mainstream mobile phone on the market. Watertight waterproof zipper ensures that it will not be infringed by water in a short time.

Beautiful, handsome and cool! This is the waterproof bag of podragon camera, which allows you to go out light and take photos easily.

More color matching and more beautiful perspective impact are always loved by people. This is the work of river designer.

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