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Test the waterproof performance of sedagon sports dry wet separation waterproof bag in heavy rain

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-05-01 20:38:57

The rainy season is coming, it's coming! So sudden, so crazy, the wind is strong and the rain is even more sudden!

Any affectation is nothing but a sea of fire, or a sea of withered stones, but in the rainy season, it can't resist the directness of rain and wind.

The surface wet by the storm reflects the handsome of the dry wet separation bag.

The rain splashed down, hitting the ground, hitting the bag, loud!

After more than 20 minutes of shower, the surface of the bag has been wet thoroughly, and only some of the surface cloth has water seepage. Yes, this is a single-sided TPU bonding cloth, but the rain cannot penetrate the inner TPU film. Based on this principle, the waterproof performance of waterproof bag can ensure ipx6 level.

The rain was still falling, the wind was still roaring, and there was hardly anyone in the stadium. But it doesn't affect my mood of serious test.

Every summer, it always rains heavily. We who like sports don't want the rain to interrupt our happiness. Therefore, waterproof bag, which can store clothes and ensure the safety and cleanness of clothes, is a just need.

Good equipment bag, considerate, functional waterproof and reasonable side bag shoe warehouse are the biggest advantages of this bag.

Higher appearance, better materials and image full of taste are very consistent with our sports groups. I like not only the smile on the surface, but also the intercommunication in the soul.

Love you, rainy season, love you, dream equipment bag. Always looking forward to, sedagon sports dry wet separation waterproof bag.

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