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New design sports fitness swimming dry wet separation waterproof backpack One Shoulder Travel Bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-04-12 22:24:52

It is a dry wet separation waterproof satchel and one shoulder backpack suitable for sports fitness training. It is fully waterproof, soft and light. It can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter without fear of wind and rain. Isn't such a travel sports bag cool?

Double bag double waterproof zipper design, dry and wet separation, the main bag holds clean clothes, and the side bag holds Shoes / wet and dirty items. It ensures the separation of items after exercise.

It can store balls such as football / volleyball in the bag, which is easy to carry even by bus / self driving / cycling.

The side bag is designed with air holes to facilitate the discharge of wet steam or dirty odor.

The selected honeycomb fabric is full of fashion and taste without losing vitality, which matches the taste of sports and fitness lovers.

TPU waterproof fabric is environmentally friendly / soft / odorless, far higher grade, lighter / softer / cleaner / better experience than some competing PVC fabrics. Of course, it is also heat and cold resistant. It can be used even in snowy days. PVC material may not be cold and heat resistant.

Product description

[model]: sw2601

[fabric]: honeycomb lattice fitting TPU waterproof fabric

[capacity]: main bag + side bag 26L

[portable mode]: strap + webbing handle

[waterproof level]: the main bag is benchmarked ipx6, and the side bag is breathable and odor free

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