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Exquisite products can ride across the world with an upper tube bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-04-01 19:48:49

The figure above shows the pipe package on sedagon hard shell

A bag goes all over the world! A tube bag, small and refined, absorb the essence, carefree into the world. You can not ride a backpack, carry a bag or carry a bag in front of the car, but you can cross roads, mountains and countryside with only one upper pipe bag.

It is mainly the tail package behind the seat that keeps up with the competition of pipe package, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The upper tube bag is convenient and fast to take goods, and has always been within its own field of vision, with advantages in safety and convenience. The side of the rear tail bag is better in capacity, which can load more objects, larger size, and even air pump.

In terms of wind resistance, the upper pipe package has a certain wind resistance. Of course, the streamline design, such as the streamline shape of haizelong's spacecraft, greatly reduces the wind resistance. The wind resistance of the tail is very small. After all, the riding body has blocked the incoming wind. In terms of the impact on the stability of the vehicle body, the upper pipe package is dominant, and the impact is almost negligible, while the tail package will shake the bicycle slightly.

Generally speaking, what is the function of upper pipe package?

1. Rainproof and waterproof function

2. There is a compartment to store items and avoid scratches

3. The bandage shall be pasted firmly to avoid shaking

4. Avoid the bag touching the leg during riding

5. The inner wall is thickened and fluffy, so as to avoid being scratched by sharp and hard objects

6. Crash proof and fall proof to avoid damage to fragile items such as mobile phones

What items can the tube bag hold?

Mobile phone, power bank, license, wallet, mini flashlight, gloves, headscarf, key, mosquito repellent vial, etc.

The figure above shows the pipe package on sedagon hard shell

In other words, a better pipe package must take the lead in appearance and function before it is worthy of praise! The appearance should be avant-garde, match with sports, have appearance and look cool and dazzling. The function should be professional, and professional sports should be matched with professional equipment.

An excellent upper tube bag can put all the selected items of a day's riding in the bag. In this way, it becomes a reality to run around the world.

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