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Take a bicycle bag and a waterproof bag to ride along the cliff mouth and enjoy the customs of the Pearl River mouth

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The mysterious Yakou village is located in the south of Zhongshan City in southern China. It has beautiful villages and lanes, golden rice fields, flowers that often bloom in four seasons, surging riverbanks and the beautiful Lingdingyang scenic line of sunrise.

Yakou village is located on the edge of Lingdingyang at the mouth of the Pearl River. Its ancestors migrated and settled here in the Southern Song Dynasty. They developed land along the mountain and water. It has been dominated by farming for more than 700 years. The alleys with green bricks and grey tiles, the low old houses, the slogans of the times, and the old people on the street nodding half sideways, you seem to be able to find the memory of that distant era in them.

Yakou village is unique in Guangdong because it has maintained the collective economic model since 1978 and has been used until now. However, in the general environment, it also participates in the market division of labor, contracting part of the land to businessmen for development and collecting land rent.

Yakou village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a village near Lingdingyang at the Pearl River Estuary, adjacent to Cuiheng village, where Sun Yat Sen's former residence is located. Yakou village has a beautiful natural ecological environment. The dike in the east faces the mouth of the Pearl River. It is a good place to watch the sunrise. On the morning of October, the sun has just risen. Local fishermen often go fishing by boat on the beach. Egrets and other birds often inhabit the ponds in the embankment, forming a beautiful scenery.

Today, I'm still lucky to see a lot of egrets, but the distance is too far, and the range of the lens is limited.

The story begins like this...

A few days before 2020, we drove to Yakou village with our bicycles in high spirits. First we parked the car in the Sports Square in the center of the village, then took off our bicycles, hung up two big bags, ran to the East, crossed the basketball court and came to the folk house. About five minutes later, we arrived at the Jigeng Road, which was very neat and standardized, much more imposing than the general scene of rural decline. The rice fields had been harvested, and the rest was the mud waiting for ploughing, There is some grass on it. Today is just sunny, the wind is not big, riding all the way, singing all the way.

After a while, turn from Jigeng road to the inter village highway, cross a small hill and come to Dayi temple. In front of the temple is a large lotus pond with a radius of about 20 mu. Tourists often weave here on weekends. After passing the temple, turn left to the Bank of the Pearl River and keep walking. In front of you is a row of restaurants, mainly featuring seafood. It is said that many citizens of surrounding cities like to drive to the to have a taste of delicious food.

Sedagon bike bag, accompany me to the end of the world.

Across the food street, there is the military management zone ahead, with mangroves on the edge.

After passing through the management area, you can go directly to the riverside. When you climb the riverbank, the river is open and almost endless. In fact, there are layers of mountains opposite, Lingdingyang in the distance, and Shenzhen Qianhai and Hong Kong in the distance. The river flows down from Guangzhou in the north and flows south into the South China Sea.

There were few visitors at noon. Occasionally, I met a few riders. I said hello and passed by.

We stayed near the penstock of pansha river for a while. There were people fishing by the river, and we found egrets preying on the water in the distance. Man and nature are in harmony.

Isn't the pleasure of riding just looking for a different self? Let go of the mood, let's jump... Hi, Pipi!!!

Finally, a poem is attached to show your feelings:

The wheels go round and round, and the scenery along the river bank is shuttled,

Before I could appreciate it, the beauty was behind me,

I can't ignore or forget!

Ah! There is no ice and snow in winter in the south,

Sunny, sunny,

The river is flowing and the breeze is gentle,

The flowers on the roadside dance with the wind,

Egrets in the river fish with the waves,

After a while, the boat whistle sounded, and then the waves hit in turn,

As time goes by, lament the bitterness and shortness of life.

Ah, beauty is always so short, like a beam of light, we can't hold it.

Only the remaining memory fragments occasionally struggle in the brain.

In this winter afternoon, the warmth of the sun is our medicine.

--Author: Haoran

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