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How to maintain waterproof bag? How to prolong the service life of waterproof backpacks and waterproof bags?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-04-01 19:16:23

Heart and heart should be taken care of, and love and affection can last for a long time!

How to maintain waterproof bag? How to prolong the service life of waterproof backpacks and waterproof bags?

Waterproof bag, generally including bicycle bag, backpack, computer bag, shoulder bag, waist bag, photography bag, mobile phone bag, etc. The materials are generally divided into PVC mesh, TPU film, EVA, etc.

1. For normal maintenance, when not in use, wash it with clean water, dry it and store it in a cool place to avoid sunlight.

2. If you encounter common dirt spots such as sediment, you can wash them off with water, but if it is oil stain or dirt that is difficult to wipe off, you can consider using medical alcohol to wipe them off.

3. Because the light color of PVC fabric is easy to shift or absorb dark color, it can only be wiped with alcohol, but it may not return to its original appearance.

4. The structure of the waterproof bag should be followed during cleaning. Do not pull or open it violently to avoid damage to the bag body. The interior of some waterproof bags includes shockproof devices. If the interior also needs to be cleaned, please disassemble it for separate cleaning or dust removal.

5. If dust or mud invades the waterproof zipper, it should be washed with water first, then dried, and then sprayed with a high-pressure air gun. Make sure that the small dust embedded in the pulling teeth is cleaned to avoid scratching the waterproof film glue on the waterproof zipper.

6. For the waterproof bag, try to avoid scraping and collision of sharp and hard objects. As long as the scratch does not damage the inner layer during normal use, it is necessary to test whether there is air and water leakage. If there is air and water leakage, the waterproof performance may be reduced. For a small area, 502 or other viscose can be used together with a piece of PVC like glue or thick point, and it can be used for a period of time. Generally, scratches do not hinder the use, but only affect the appearance.

7. Injuries from storage items. Many people play outdoors. The filling items include hard sharp items, such as outdoor stoves, cookers, knives and shovels. Pay attention to wrap the sharp parts to avoid stabbing and scratching the waterproof bag.


Waterproof bags with high-quality materials are generally not afraid of long-term sun exposure and wind and snow resistance. However, considering the weak cold resistance and low melting point of PVC, there are still some limitations in the temperature range. On the contrary, TPU and EVA materials are relatively universal in a large temperature range.

For outdoor bags, donkey friends should know how to maintain them for a long time! Value can be maximized!

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