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Skillfully use waterproof bags and pay attention to the safety of outdoor swimming

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-31 23:09:16

To be honest, after swimming for so many years, I can't remember how many scenes of life and death I saw. Since the gold rush, the river in my hometown has collected several people every year. There are more warning signs along the river, but they can't stop people swimming in the river every year. You may take a look when you go down, but you won't take it seriously. I am also a swimming enthusiast. I swam from childhood to adulthood. Writing this article is also the feeling of seeing life and death again today. As a senior swimming enthusiast, I suggest some things to pay attention to when swimming down the river.

First, don't swim in the river. If you adopt it, you don't have to look at the following. Let's talk about swimming pools and field swimming.

First of all, when swimming in the swimming pool, if you encounter danger, shout out immediately. Pay attention to it immediately. Don't be embarrassed. Professionals will come to the rescue. Why emphasize this? Because I've seen a man drowning in a swimming pool. People live in one breath. If you inhale water into your lungs, it may lead to the rupture of capillaries in your lungs, internal bleeding, blocking the respiratory tract and suffocation. The man had a cramp in his feet in the deep water area and didn't call for help at the first time. Finally, he choked a lot of saliva and was rescued by the people next to him. When he got up, he was breathing. It was all right, but he later found chest pain, so I won't talk about the next one.

Outdoor swimming is more complicated. It's best to go to a familiar place, understand the water area and travel together.

Wear life-saving equipment when swimming. Don't be afraid of trouble. For your family, people who love you, there are always accidents. Don't expect others to save you. Most people don't have the courage.

The choice of life-saving equipment is a very popular follower in recent years. I suggest not to use it, because I have seen people wearing this choking water, it is difficult to hold, oval things, hold people with one hand and turn them over, hold them with both hands, and tilt their head forward hard, otherwise they will lean back. That person first, the belt is short and can't grasp it. He can't grasp the balance in case of urgency. It's of no use to novice swimmers. Most of this thing plays a psychological role. It is suggested to use a circle. People can turn in. The length of the rope should be moderate, and it can be touched by hand without getting in the way.

On the terrain, don't swim on the edge of the rapids, because the downstream is definitely a very deep place. If you are accidentally washed down, the first reaction of people in urgent need is to try hard to go upstream, but if you don't swim up, it's easy to lose strength. The rapids here in my house drown every year.

Don't stay with your feet where the water and grass are very long. If you stay with them, don't panic. Don't lift your feet hard and turn around. In this way, you will only get tighter and tighter. Calm down, relax your feet, turn into the water, find the root of the water and grass and pull it up.

Jellyfish clothes are used for sunscreen. It's best to be split and easy to wear and take off. Decathlon's can be used. Follow the asshole, choose the one with good quality. You can rest when you are tired, especially for psychological safety. You can also put small items such as keys, mobile phones, small bottles of fresh water and so on. Goggles are indispensable.

Don't do porcelain work without diamond, don't be brave, don't take risks, don't drink, don't be full, don't be hungry, it's best to travel with company. Before swimming, you should investigate well, avoid turbulent waters, and never approach the outlet of the reservoir. If the sea is stormy and the water temperature is low, don't go into the water.

To master freestyle, it is not easy to cramp.

Do not enter the water in schistosomiasis endemic areas. Other parasites are also terrible, just in case.

Finally, it is suggested not to swim in open water as far as possible. Life is precious!!

Follow the asshole, you can choose haizelong waterproof bag, orange, eye-catching and safe. When swimming in the wild, you must take one to ensure safety. It will not be used if the newcomer has not even practiced. You can practice in a shallow place. When you are tired of swimming, you can rest on your pillow. If you don't need this in the swimming pool.

This is not the way to use a follower. Straighten your body in the water and hold the follower with the back of your head. The three points of the head and waist of the follower are triangular and stable, so you can stand in the water smoothly!

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