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For the first time, experience the seamless welded full waterproof backpack of Swordsman and the waterproof backpack of podragon camera

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-31 13:12:11

The fully waterproof podragon Camera Backpack is a professional camera backpack with shockproof and waterproof performance with professional carrying system and watertight and waterproof zipper. It can accommodate one machine with multiple lenses.

As an outdoor Camera Backpack with waterproof performance, podragon camera waterproof photography backpack is characterized by simplicity, lightness and sharp shape.

Open the waterproof zipper, and there is a professionally separated camera bag liner in the bag.

The camera bag shoulder is an integral foam, which has good ventilation and air permeability. It is very stable to carry, and there is no unnecessary sense of swing.

On the bench in the forest park, it seems a little domineering.

The color matching adopts low-key gray and black matching, which may not be very eye-catching, but low-key does not lose luxury. The sword shaped flank is very eye-catching and domineering.

The effect placed on the slate.

Under the sunshine, the back of the shoulder is concave and convex, and the sense of strength is shown.

The design of the large shield on the front panel is very distinctive. It has sword type and shield, which can attack and defend freely. The logo adopts reflective effect to ensure the safety of walking at night.

Under the morning light, the lake light and water color appear very steady.

The old SLR and waterproof backpack show the age.

The backpack is firm and stylish

A leaf knows autumn. Yes, it's late autumn.

The main material of grey snowflake cloth color makes people full of romantic feeling.


The waterproof backpack of odragon swordsman camera pursues waterproof. This time, because it is an engineering sample, there is no way to test the waterproof performance, so it mainly chooses the backpack experience,

Generally speaking, the back is comfortable and stable, and it is convenient and fast to take the camera (of course, due to the use of waterproof zippers, the pulling resistance is obviously much greater than that of ordinary zippers),

It's just a little slow to open the zipper. In addition, the plug-in system retains the tripod support pocket and hanging hole, and the drinking net pocket is not added.

It is expected that the kettle bag and front mobile phone bag will be equipped in the next sample.

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