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Wonderful cross-border Design Innovation waterproof phone pouch or waterproof waist bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-25 22:12:53


As we all know, the oldest anti waterproof phone pouch on the market is to block the bag mouth with plastic buckle, and the second is to fold the bundle mouth. These operations are too complicated. The more complex the operation is, the easier it is to have problems in a certain link, resulting in the risk of soaking in water in use.

waterproof phone pouch

Therefore, innovation has a way out and progress has a future. We have launched a new type of waterproof bag for mobile phones, which has more space and a wide range of matching mobile phones.

However, the waterproof waist bag and waterproof bag of mobile phone fully consider the operation habits of users, which is more close to the people and more convenient.

Considering that mobile phones are the most commonly used and important portable electronic products in the use scenarios of drifting, surfing, going to sea or fishing, and snorkeling, protecting mobile phones is the top priority of outdoor activities.

It can accommodate large screen mobile phones of about seven inches, and the size and space are very sincere.

The whole waterproof bag design is simple and clear, and the bag mouth is an air tight zipper.

The waterproof phone pouch shown in the figure adopts high-quality and good waterproof fabric, which is cold and high-temperature resistant, elastic, tear resistant, no smell, good hand feel, simple and bright appearance and high appearance value. Why not be loved?

This is a waterproof phone pouch with airtight waterproof zipper. Its waterproof performance can reach ipx8 level and can soak in water for a long time. Zipper opening is adopted to fit people's use habits and improve people's use efficiency and experience, which is deeply popular.

This waterproof phone pouch can be used as both a waist bag and a chest bag. It's very convenient to carry it on the back.

It's OK to make a chest bag or messenger. Take photos while carrying it on your back!

The front full window can touch the mobile phone and even play games; The back window is to expose the camera to collect the scenery and record the beautiful scenery and wonderful moments on the journey.

Waterproof mobile phone bag, an airtight zipper solves the opening problem and the waterproof problem at the same time. You can play safely by pulling the airtight zipper before using the water.

Go play, just relax!

Such a simple operation and low-cost use, why not?

Regardless of the wind and rain, you can store the beauty of the journey in the record, and you can find a sweet memory in the future.

This is also a great blessing in life!

Love tourism is love, life is love, everything we have, happy to walk with you all the way. This is innovation, this is podragon waterproof bag.

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