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Selfie is responsible for the new mobile phone waterproof bag in 2021. The new style of fish shape is coming

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-20 13:11:03

2021 new waterproof phone pouch, simple, compact and exquisite, with hidden opening on the back

New style, fish shaped waterproof phone pouch is coming! Integrate outdoor professionalism and fashion to make outdoor life wonderful!

2021 new waterproof phone pouch with new structure shows the originality of appearance

2021 new waterproof phone pouch, airtight zipper, hidden opening on the back, compact, so intimate. Abandon the superfluous complexity and pursue the pure outdoor life experience. This is the true self!

The new 2021 waterproof phone pouch is refreshing and refreshing

Feel free and smooth. Streamlined windows, refuse to be the same!

Handsome and compelling

One hand grip, compact, exquisite, and very handsome and cool!

Hanging rope carrying, the fastest underwater photography mode.

This waterproof phone pouch is opened from the back and stuffed into the bag in parallel through a black technology airtight zipper. It is just right and the design is just right. A mobile phone below 7 inches can be accommodated.

Everything in the world, there are many creatures in the ocean, and fish is one of the largest groups.

Fish in the water, evolved to adapt to the shape of the water environment, then, from this thought, bionic design, the shape can be similar!

In Chinese culture, fish is a symbol of abundance and represents the meaning of abundant food and clothing. So, today, our original designers, combined with outdoor sports equipment, integrate outdoor equipment and bionics, and have a look at this mental journey.

From fish to products that fit the use of change, this is a circuit diagram of conception and trial and error.

Originality endows the product with soul. Originality is admirable!

Beauty is justice. The beautiful ones are born from the heart! Thank the designers for their dedication!

The new type in 2021 is a fish shaped waterproof phone pouch, which is compact and exquisite and looks like a small mountain!

The waterproof bag of mobile phone with air tight zipper opening and bionic modeling design make people shine in front of their eyes. Warm tip: This design has applied for appearance patent. Please do not copy it.

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