Flipper bag professional diving equipment bag

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When it comes to diving fashion sports, I have to carry flipper bags and professional diving equipment bags. The exquisite and professional diving equipment package enables divers to experience the freedom and fun of diving.

The main function of this kind of diving bag is to pack the diving equipment to the destination.

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Functions of diving equipment package:

From home or hotel to the bay or deep pool, we have to travel or even walk to reach our destination. This process is hard and challenging, and it needs to save time and effort. Therefore, a comfortable equipment bag is needed to complete the carrying task.

Let's review the common flipper bags on the market:

Hard shell flipper bag

Advantages: pressure resistance, portability, fall resistance.

Disadvantages: average capacity; It takes up space and cannot be folded. It takes up a large storage space when it is idle.

Oxford webbed bag

Advantages: lightweight, portable, foldable storage.

Disadvantages: not waterproof, limited capacity.

Long portable waterproof fabric webbed bag

Advantages: waterproof, portable.

Disadvantages: small capacity and incomplete functions.

Podragon flipper bag

Polar all-weather webbed waterproof Backpack

The main material adopts 500D TPU sandwich membrane, which is wear-resistant, tear resistant, cold and high temperature resistant, and strengthens the waterproof performance!

Better hand feel, better experience and longer service life!

Let's introduce this podragon flipper bag, with a capacity of 40L. The front pocket, plug-in, mobile phone bag, kettle bag and backpack system are all professional exquisite and exquisite.

Podragon flipper bag

The carrying system of the webbed bag can adjust the tightness to match different figures. The back cushion is elastic, comfortable and moderate stiffness.

Professional integrated shoulder system

Airflow stage knapsack system

The integrated foam design of the back cushion greatly improves the comfort of the shoulder. The tightness of the chest belt, waist belt and shoulder belt can be adjusted.

Details of webbed bag

Waterproof side pocket of mobile phone with webbed bag

A side bag is specially designed to improve the waterproof level and take care of valuables such as mobile phones

Ipx8 waterproof zipper side pocket

The right pocket is designed as a mobile phone pocket with air tight zipper, which greatly improves the waterproof standard,

Take good care of valuable electronic items, and it is convenient to take them at any time,

Benchmarking ipx8 level, that is, you can dive underwater for a long time!

Warning: please make sure the zipper is pulled in place before launching!

If it is not pulled in place, please re tighten it before launching.

Side net pocket of kettle with webbed bag

Ingenious side pocket design of kettle

Left kettle net pocket

The left side pocket is designed as a retractable zipper pocket for convenience

When the kettle is not loaded, zip up and shrink the net pocket to reduce scratching

1. Elastic rope

2. Detachable zipper

3. Soft fabric

4. 500ml drinking bottle can be hung

5. Blow off vent valve

Note that the wonderful function of air blowing cold door is that when you want to wade, the air in the bag is insufficient. You can blow air and inflate it to make the bag bulge, so that the waterproof performance of the water can be provided and improved.

Internal partition of webbed bag

The internal structure is designed with a zipper bag, which can also separate and store some small items. It's very good to store things in an orderly manner

Adopt higher quality fabric 500dtpu mesh

The bag adopts high-quality 500D TPU mesh fabric and applies seamless welding technology to ensure the waterproof performance of the bag, durable and practical.

Waterproof application method:

You can swim in the water for 30 minutes under the condition of puffing after the mouth is tied;

2. When the right zipper bag is zipped in place, it can be soaked in water for a long time. Valuables such as mobile phones can be considered to be placed in this small side bag;

3. The beam mouth can be protected from rain for a long time;

4. Dry wet separation is to store the clothes and shoes with fins or wet water in the front pocket, while the main pocket can store clean clothes to achieve the purpose of dry wet separation.

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