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Can I take my mobile phone into a waterproof bag for diving? What are the categories of waterproof bags for mobile phones?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-15 19:41:24

Can I take my mobile phone to diving when it is put into a waterproof bag? Are there any classifications and differences?

Mobile phone waterproof bag, there are many categories!

From the material points: divided into PVC, PU, TPU, engineering plastics and so on! But the most common one on Taobao is PVC, which is entertainment grade;

Unique on the e-commerce platform, there are several models made of TPU, which are very durable, but the price is not cheap!

For example, STS and podragon brands are real high-quality TPU mobile phone waterproof bags, which are super durable, weather resistant and tossing resistant.

In terms of waterproof performance, it can be divided into water level such as ipx6 standard, 1-5m below the water level such as ipx7 standard, and diving level 10 meters deep such as ipx8 standard!

From the use feeling: there are general-purpose models - large size, applicable to all kinds of models;

There is a special type - it is mainly suitable for models of some specifications. It is not exquisite but not redundant. It has a good appearance.

Due to the evolution of mobile phones with lifting cameras, full screen mobile phones and even folding mobile phones, the requirements for mobile phone waterproof bags are further subdivided.

Podragon will study the new mobile phone and launch an updated waterproof bag suitable for the current flagship mobile phone. We look forward to your attention.

This is a mobile phone waterproof bag developed by podragon earlier. It has fallen behind, but from the previous point of view, it is still advanced. We will never forget the classic design.

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