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Surprise! Unexpected: zipper waist bag, can you soak in water and dive?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-15 19:22:58

Playing outdoors, have you ever seen a zipper waist bag that can dive?

No Now let's open your eyes. This exquisite orange diving grade airtight waist bag is called podragon.

For decades, people have been looking for a waterproof waist bag, which is portable, simple, easy-to-use, beautiful and fashionable. With it, you can run around the world, regardless of wind and rain, Blizzard, water and seaside. Twenty years ago, the Germans came forward. They invented a mechanical airtight zipper, up to 20 standard zipper, metal chain teeth, metal puller, and plastic zipper fabric - which is also an innovation. But the application can't reach thousands of households. Why? Because it is too bulky, most men can't open the zipper, so they have to use tools to open it; Second, the zipper is too large, and many small bags can not be integrated, refined and fashionable.

But the podragon waterproof waist bag was born, announcing a new starting point for air tight zippers. Podragon waist bag, diving grade, ipx8 grade, national standard waterproof performance; The net weight is only 137G, which is only about the weight of an ordinary apple 5. Visible lightness and portability; The overall use of high-frequency seamless joint technology to ensure the overall waterproof and air tightness of the bag body.

The emergence of podragon diving purse has realized the dream of mankind for decades. It is like a shining star in the night sky, which lights up the whole world in an instant.

Some technical data:

·Luxurious - podragon diving bag

Awaken your potential resonance, revolutionary, lightweight, easy to carry, highly waterproof and extremely easy to use!

Complex for simple, exquisite skills, the pursuit of those who know goods!

Technical data:

1. The zipper can be pulled repeatedly for 20000 times, which is the only one in the industry

2. The puller gear, puller and puller are made of stainless steel and resistant to seawater corrosion

3. The waterproof level is ipx8, and the diving depth is 10 meters for 1 hour to ensure no entry into the water

4. The environmental protection material 210D nylon is bonded to TPU, which is in line with the green concept of today's circular trend. It feels good and pollution-free

Innovation, social progress, growth together and win-win value!

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