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Yellow flowers, wind chimes and wood flowers are in full bloom. Shall I write a poem?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-13 10:13:11

March in the south is the season of flowers in full bloom. Zhongshan, the hometown of a great man, is especially fragrant.

Today, I came to the long green Pavilion of Zhangjiabian, located in the Torch Development Zone of Zhongshan City. There is a small alley here, which is a kind of wind chime blossom. Very eye-catching.

Carrying two photography bags, two SLRs and a pile of photography equipment, it is really difficult to achieve a good effect of selfie.

The alley is like a small park. There are few people in the morning, and there are occasional passers-by or villagers. Tiktok did not get up.

The look back of the middle-aged uncle has faded.

The delicate wind chime flower is densely decorated with every branch.

The blue sky and yellow flowers constitute a beautiful poem and painting.

In the flowers, I was so happy that I forgot some ancient poems and words, alas...

This is simply a moment of spiritual purification. I like the spring in southern China, sunny spring and March.

The most beautiful time, a person walked by. Yes, I came. here.

You can find it by searching Banpu road in Torch Development Zone.


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