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How waterproof bags are made?Let's go and meet at the waterproof bag factory

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-07 20:12:26

How are waterproof bags made? How about its production process? In this way, let's walk into a large modern waterproof bag factory in Zhongshan City and have a look.

The huge workshop is full of modern machinery and equipment, clean environment and neat array, which brighten our eyes.

The production and manufacture of any waterproof bag must first cut the fabric into a certain shape for further welding.

The effect of cutting as shown in the figure above requires a knife die, superimposing 5-10 pieces and stamping to form the required sheet.

Welding requires professional seamless welding high frequency machine with fixed power and stroke. Different products need different power, parameters and workspace.

The high frequency machine has a conventional work watch, which is convenient for the master to master the welding strength and time during debugging.

The cut sheet is aligned with the paper grid and marked with positioning marks if necessary, so as to improve the work efficiency during welding.

Everything is ready. Now enter the welding process. When the high-frequency machine works, it also needs a special mold for the high-frequency oscillation of the welding surface and welding line to achieve the purpose of welding the two sheets.

Special molds have different shapes, including straight line, arc, plane, three-dimensional, semicircular and irregular shapes. As long as you want to get it, it is always possible to do it.

Piece by piece cumulative welding, and finally become a bag.

After long-term experience accumulation, the final forming process of a waterproof bag is particular. Generally, the process with larger size is reserved for the last, otherwise the mold cannot be taken out.

Try not to touch the working area with your hands. After all, there is a risk of electric leakage, so you should develop good working habits.

Video on how waterproof bags are produced (taken at Sedagon outdoor product factory)

The above is the general production process of waterproof bag, which is the procedure of a standard waterproof bag factory.

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