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Riverside Caifeng experience the first waterproof photography bag to feel the breath of spring

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-03-05 22:33:28

Today, experience the industry's first truly portable waterproof photography bag: podragon photography bag seawalk858.

Junior high school girls also volunteered to participate in the fun of photography.

Of course, in order to highlight the color difference, she carried a cool black one on her back.

By carrying a backpack, you can feel the power transmission of the bag when shooting and the experience when taking the lens.

Straighten up, take long-range photos, change your waist and take macro photos, all have different feelings.

I was dressed in black, so I naturally chose an orange photography bag.

In March, the sun is bright and the spring breeze along the river is slow.

When shooting on the back, the shoulder is not very close to the body. The focus of the strap is designed above the back, which is a little special. Generally speaking, it should be designed on the top of the bag. In fact, it is not. It is more practical to design above the back.

Under the lighthouse and beside the guardrail, I can also think about life. No, I'm thinking about the practicability of this photography bag.

Even though this photography bag is mainly waterproof, its camera bag properties have not changed or weakened at all. With inner liner, shoulder strap, belt and strong handle, it has shockproof, portable and easy to take, as well as strong waterproof performance. Who can not love it? Moreover, the price is very reasonable and cost-effective.

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