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The development history of waterproof bag for phone, which kind of waterproof phone pouch is the best?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-26 23:48:00

On the waterproof bag of mobile phone

Many people on the Internet question, is the mobile phone waterproof bag reliable? Can mobile phone waterproof bag really be waterproof? Can mobile phone waterproof bag dive?

Let's take a look at the questions in front of the online search ranking:

First, let's look at Zhihu's question:

Next, take a look at the Q & A on Baidu:

Finally, look at the question on the wasp nest:


Based on the questions and questions of the above platforms, let's summarize whether the mobile phone waterproof bag is OK or not, which is the most asked.

Reliable standard for mobile phone waterproof bag:

Is waterproof bag OK? First of all, we have to find out where consumers use it? How do they use them so that they can judge whether they are reliable or not.

How about the quality of mobile phone waterproof bag? We have to talk about the comprehensive aspects of appearance, performance, durability, humanization and so on.

The use experience evaluation of mobile phone waterproof bag is also an important sign of whether it is good or not.

With so many questions ahead, let's talk about the existing classification of mobile phone waterproof bags.

Classification of waterproof bags for mobile phones

There are two main methods: the difference of bag opening and the difference of bag material.

Classification of opening of mobile phone waterproof bag:

It can be seen from the above that there are many opening methods for the mouth of mobile phone waterproof bag, including snap type, roll type, slide rail type, hard shell snap type, zipper type, etc. The corresponding fabrics are also different; The advantages and disadvantages are listed, and the price and representative brand are involved.

And then divide it according to the material difference of the bag itself:

You can also clearly see the material categories of mobile phone bags, including PVC / EVA / TPU, and even plastic. In terms of environmental protection, in terms of skin friendly products, PVC materials are not exported to the EU. TPU is an environmentally friendly material, which can meet the demand of export.

The comparison of the above two forms and the differences between the advantages and disadvantages are judged by yourself.

Talk about all kinds of mobile phone waterproof bags!

All kinds of mobile phone waterproof bags are easy and lively with the combination of graphics and text.

Snap type waterproof bag for mobile phone


The picture above is a snap type waterproof bag for mobile phones. It has the longest history. If you compete with a multi platform and mail it for 3.2 yuan, you can make up for yourself. The mouth of the bag is a pair of male and female buttons, which are sealed after being buckled, which is simple and easy to operate. Only, this price waterproof bag can only use PVC, and its service life is very limited. After all, the melting point of PVC is very low, and the tear resistance after plane voltage is low, so it can't stand tossing.

Roll mouth type waterproof bag for mobile phone


The earliest classic representative work of roll mouth mobile phone waterproof bag is designed by foreign designers. The main reason is that there are too many rolls when sealing, which is complicated, and the use experience is not very good.

Slide rail type mobile phone waterproof bag

Relatively small, easy to operate, but the use experience is average.

Hard shell mobile phone waterproof bag

The hard shell mobile phone waterproof bag is actually a buckle type variant. It is designed and produced based on the principle of industrial injection molding. It requires high industrial precision. If the quality is not qualified, or it is deformed due to temperature variation, resulting in the alienation of component performance, there will be risks.

Mobile phone waterproof bag with zipper opening

These pictures are the second generation of zipper mobile phone waterproof bag.


With a wide window and atmospheric space, both mobile phones can be accommodated.

The third generation airtight zipper mobile phone waterproof bag is shown as follows:

Back concealed opening mobile phone waterproof bag.

Fish shaped mobile phone waterproof bag that can be held in one hand.

To sum up, the variants of mobile phone waterproof bags are often closely related to industrial technology!

With the civilian development of airtight zipper technology, more and more waterproof bags will be widely used in airtight and waterproof zippers.

ow about waterproof bag for mobile phone? Is it reliable?

Back to this question, is the waterproof bag of mobile phone reliable? Using different waterproof bags in different scenes is the king. Swimming, soaking in water, tracing the stream and snorkeling, and the waterproof level meets the standard, that is, ipx7 / 8.

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