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The choice of camera package is to find a safe harbor for camera and lens

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Choice of photography package: find a safe home for camera and lens.

The photography bag is a mobile home for photographers with all their photography equipment. If you choose improperly, you will not only be unable to carry all kinds of photographic equipment reasonably, but also be very distressed in the process of carrying and walking; Poorly designed photography bag, carrying for a long time is easy to cause muscle or ligament strain, as well as accidental damage to photography equipment.

With the improvement of everyone's photography technology and photography budget, more fuselages, lenses and filters are -- purchased. At this time, the entry-level single shoulder photography bag must not be able to hold more lenses and accessories. At this time, it is particularly important to buy shoulder photography bags with larger capacity and more comfortable carrying.

Prepare multiple photography packages to meet different travel needs and equipment combinations,

Our daily travel for photography is nothing more than these situations--

One is to travel far for photography. It's best to bring all cameras and lenses at this time. At this time, it is recommended to prepare a relatively large, 45 liter to 70 liter backpack, in which two or three cameras, four or five lenses, mobile hard disk and laptop are installed.

Reloading the travel photography bag

Reloading trip refers to a special photography trip. You may need to carry all cameras and lenses on your back and walk for several kilometers. It is best to choose a photography bag with a volume of about 40-70 liters.

This is my recent main backpack, which is usually used to carry two micro single, three or four lenses, shutter wires, filters, cleaning supplies, backup batteries, warm gloves / mosquito prevention supplies, etc., with one or two tripods attached.

Mold forming EVA backplane protection equipment, and provide comfortable and breathable good shoulder feeling. The thickened wear-resistant and waterproof coating at the bottom of the backpack has reliable strength. Both sides can be tied with tripods and other equipment. The binding belt on the front of the bag can not only be used to carry tripods, but also can be used to tie outdoor supplies such as skis.

The wide storage bags on both sides can be used for outdoor water bags, water cups or other items. The storage bag on the front of the bag is convenient for storing commonly used clothes, etc.

The top of the bag has a separate zipper. The inner tank can place cameras, lenses, etc. and the upper swing cover has a zipper to place small items that are afraid of losing. Clothes can also be placed between the upper swing cover and the inner liner. Flexible and convenient.

The liner has its own zipper, which is neat and regular. After the liner is removed, the bag becomes an outdoor bag.

Shoulder bag, chest bag and waist bag:

1. Suitable for leisure shopping, too large photography bag is inconvenient for leisure.

2. When going out for shooting for many days, use the shoulder photography bag to store the main equipment, and then use the chest bag (waist bag) to store the mobile phone, certificate and spare micro sheet, which is convenient and fast. I'm used to taking a small micro list with me when I go out to shoot, which is used to shoot details and videos on the road.

Single shoulder photography bag (6L / 10L)

1. Suitable for street sweeping, low-key, small goal, do not need to carry too many equipment.

2. It is used for wedding follow-up and simple commercial shooting.

3. It is suitable for beginners with few equipment and has high cost performance.

The following describes various functions and usage in detail:

Appearance, waterproof and wear-resistant external materials, simple and atmospheric.

The external front panel has a quick mobile phone storage bag, which can temporarily store mobile phones, wallets and other items for easy access.

Strapping belt can be installed at the bottom to store the tripod.

Summarize the characteristics of shoulder bag

1. The shoulder strap is comfortable to carry and can be adjusted quickly

2. Large internal space and laptop storage bin

3. Special battery compartment, which can identify the power

4. Quick binding belt interface, convenient for external tripod

5. Custom internal compartment, partition storage

The front pocket can hold small items such as mobile phones.

There are many kinds of photography bags. Choosing a good photography bag is actually a job with high technical content. The author talks about how to buy photography bags in combination with his experience in purchasing and using four photography bags in seven years, hoping to provide reference and inspiration to those who want to buy photography bags.

In fact, if you don't pay attention to it, ordinary backpacks can also put cameras.


Ordinary backpacks have no inner protective layer. They may bump and damage equipment in the process of putting down the backpack and walking. The photography bag has a protective shell and liner, which can protect your baby from damage.

Ordinary backpacks are not designed for photographic equipment, so the space utilization rate is very low, because most of the photographic equipment are not square and upright. A large bag can't hold several pieces of equipment, and you have to worry about the damage caused by collision and friction between the equipment. The interior of the photography bag is reasonably separated according to the shape of the photography equipment, which can make good use of every inch of space as much as possible. There are buffer partitions between the equipment to protect them from fighting each other and causing damage.

Ordinary backpacks can only take equipment from the top, while fast photography backpacks can quickly take photography equipment from the side, which greatly facilitates the photographer to grab the lens.

There are anti-theft, waterproof and so on.

This article is written by outdoor waterproof bag factory waterproofpack.com.


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