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Lightweight and waterproof professional outdoor waterproof camera waist bag fresh experience

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-22 20:15:45

Photography is not only a highly professional technology, but also a layered art!

Many new and old photography lovers will make great efforts to study photography equipment, including camera bags. As the most important accessory of the camera, the high-quality camera bag can easily carry photographic equipment out of the door and protect thousands of fuselages and lenses.

But many people don't know how to choose a high-quality camera bag. Friends who really don't know how to choose a camera bag discuss with me how to choose a camera bag?

Next, we will focus on a camera waist bag with professional waterproof performance for outdoor professional use.

What are the categories of cameras:

In terms of carrying mode, it is divided into large pull rod camera bag, double shoulder camera bag, single shoulder camera bag, camera waist bag, camera chest bag and so on.

In terms of storage capacity, it is relatively common to have more one machine and one mirror, one machine with two mirrors, one machine with multiple mirrors and two machines with multiple mirrors.

In terms of function: shockproof, waterproof and fall proof. Basically, they all have certain characteristics of shockproof, waterproof and fall proof.

From the fabric of the bag, it is divided into nylon fabric, coating fabric, fitting fabric, etc.

Some common sense:

Shockproof: professional camera bags have inner liners or thick partitions to play the role of shockproof. Some portable camera bags do not have a professional liner or a thicker compartment (10mm thick EVA cotton).

Waterproof: most camera bags are waterproof, which is the waterproof level of 15 minutes of moderate rain and 5 minutes of heavy rain. If you stay in the rain for too long, there is a risk of water seepage into the bag. The professional outdoor waterproof camera bag adopts seamless welding technology. The bag mouth is either folded or watertight zipper. This waterproof level can reach ipx6, which can withstand water washing and splashing for a long time or even soaking in water for a short time.

There are many camera bags on the market. You can pick them out.

Now let's talk about the powerful Seawalk series waterproof camera waist bag. This camera waist bag is a new product. According to the development company, it is a product with innovative modeling and new technology. It is positioned in the use scene of outdoor professional, portable, waterproof and fast access.

Use its slogan to exaggerate the atmosphere:

Not afraid of waves, not afraid of splashes! It’s me, SeaWalk!

Waves, that is, huge waves, splashes, that is, splashes or splashes, which shows the confidence of its waterproof performance!

Seawalk means walking in the sea.

Let's explain in detail the characteristics of this photography waist bag

Modeling: Streamline 3D modeling is adopted, with staggered surfaces and beautiful shape. Change the rigid image of welded waterproof bag.

Materials: the high-end cationic cloth among professional waterproof materials is used to fit TPU, and the bag mouth uses watertight zipper. Watertight zipper is an intermediate zipper whose waterproof performance is between the traditional waterproof zipper and air tight zipper. It has become a good choice of accessories for professional waterproof bags because of its stronger waterproof performance and better pullability.

Process: the main bag body is welded by high frequency seamless welding technology.

Accessories: excellent outdoor products, special webbing, underwear, cotton cloth, etc.

Fastener: it adopts the fastener newly developed by donefu.

Product features:

Professional waist bag, strong sense of design, portable, various forms of carrying, detachable belt, waist bag body can be integrated with mountaineering bag.

In terms of fabric selection, it has a great impact on the appearance. Choose a kind of snowflake cloth, a kind of black and gold snowflake waterproof fabric, which is relatively rarely used in the market. It shows high-grade, low-key and does not lose the sense of luxury. This style is necessary. Of course, this is the selection of materials on the circumference, and there are many changes in the selection of the front.

According to the development company, the product has applied for a patent.

Different from the traditional sewing camera bag, this waterproof camera waist bag adopts seamless welding technology, that is, the joint of high-frequency vibration fusion cutting, so that the two materials can be fused together, airtight and watertight. To weld cutting pieces, we must first do a good job of fixtures, that is, voltage molds. Different product shapes need different molds. Therefore, continuous debugging is required in production, and the arc and angle should be taken into account. Because of these difficulties, few companies generally copy such complex seamless welding bags. They dare not venture to copy others. One is the patent, the other is the difficulty.

Evaluation and trial:

Carrying and carrying:

The messenger belt and the belt are used at the same time, which is the most conventional way of carrying. The waist bag is basically stable when one machine and two mirrors are moving. The main zipper is slightly tighter than the ordinary zipper. Fortunately, there is a pull ear near the zipper head, which is convenient to support when opening or closing the zipper.

Main bag storage: the structure of one machine with two mirrors, or the combination of one machine with one mirror and flash accessories. Some photographers said that the capacity can be one camera, one UAV, or micro single + lens + flash or other.

A professional waterproof camera bag is needed for a person who often takes photos at sea, a photographer with a sea view as the theme, a professional who often takes wedding photos on the beach or island, and a professional photographer who often haunts the tropical rain forest and has a rainy summer. Professional equipment is to make photography easier to achieve and complete the work easily and smoothly.

In a word, you can consider the risk of falling into the water when carrying the camera in wading work.


This waterproof camera Bodypack named seawalk858 is targeted at those who often Wade or travel to the sea for photography, taking into account some street sweepers and short-distance photographers. It is a high-quality product with strong professionalism, portability, practicality, shockproof, waterproof and other characteristics.

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