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The journey of luxury photography, the journey of luxury photography, and the story of low-key taste

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-21 23:44:43

In the north, the chilly wind still couldn't resist my little sister's enthusiasm for going out and taking photos.

This time, the beauty is carrying a cool black waterproof photography bag, which is a unique new product. At first glance, it is a low-key and luxurious style.

Cool black snowflake fabric, in sharp contrast to the goose yellow coat.

The podragon waterproof photography bag made by full fusion technology can be used in all weather without worrying about wind, rain or snow.Small tripod, stabilizer and other photographic equipment can be hung under it.

The handle of the photography bag is strong and powerful.

Materials have products and pursuits, and they are never vague. Quality comes from the refinement of details.

Orderly storage and loose capacity.

The lens, flash lamp, battery and host are all in one bag.

This is the photographic equipment, complete and complete, enough to cope with half a day's outdoor photography.

The photography bag is made by full fusion technology, which is an innovative work created by podragon brand. Podragon owns the appearance patent of the product.

The picture comes from the wolf photography in Chongqing, China!

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