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The rainy season is coming. Let's talk about the common sense of waterproof photography bag or camera waterproof bag

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-19 15:07:30

The rainy season is coming!

Spring comes and the rainy season comes quietly! Spring is the season when all flowers bloom. As photography lovers, we are free from wind and rain!

Because of love, so enthusiastic, even fanatical! Let's go to collect wind and go for an outing.

Spring rain, come soon! Our beloved camera and lens protection are the key.

In other words, the camera waterproof bag plays a key role in waterproof. So, what are the camera waterproof bags? How to classify.

Waterproof photography package classification:

According to the use stage, it can be divided into carrying waterproof photography bag and taking waterproof photography bag.

Carry a waterproof photography bag, that is, it plays a waterproof role in the carrying process, including the basic functions of storage protection and shock and fall prevention. Such a photography bag is shown in the above picture.

The waterproof photography bag, as shown in the figure below, plays a waterproof role in photography.

The camera waterproof bag in photography is already a mature product, and its users are mainly underwater workers or snorkeling enthusiasts.

This article focuses on the portable waterproof photography bag! Because this kind of waterproof bag is used more widely. As shown in the figure above, the camera is carried during river wading activities to prevent the risk of occasionally falling into the water.

This waterproof photography bag has no problem soaking in water for a short time. Of course, it's best not to exceed 30 minutes. After all, waterproof zippers are watertight, not airtight.

Of course, most cases are rainstorms or showers when carrying, so you can travel in the rain for a long time without a waterproof cover. This scene, such as crossing the mountains and moving forward in the rainforest, is more practical.

About the waterproof level of photography bag

Yesterday I saw a photography enthusiast asking on the Internet, is Nikon's photography bag waterproof?

How do I answer?

Yes, my answer is that waterproofing is classified. You need to use it in any scene. For example, if you use it in a light rain for a short time, ordinary camera bags can reach it. This waterproof level is likely to be only ipx1-2, which is enough; However, if it is used for a long time in moderate rain and rainstorm, for example, more than 15 minutes, the ordinary camera bag has a greater risk. If it is more than 30 minutes, the interior will seep water; Under moderate rain and short-term rainstorm, it is OK to use the rain cover, but there is a risk if it exceeds the time. You should know that the waterproof cover only plays the role of dredging the water flow, but there is still the risk of water penetration. The longer the time, the greater the risk. The waterproof performance of the rain cover is generally ipx2-3.

Then, if you are shuttling through the rain forest, there are not many places to shelter from the rain. To travel in the rain for a long time, you need to be waterproof at least ipx5 or above, as shown in the above figure. If you can soak in water, ipx6 starts.

Why can we achieve such a waterproof level?

Because of materials and technology.

This is a waterproof zipper and fusible waterproof fabric.

This is the front of waterproof fabric.

This is the production process, seamless frequency modulation welding, through the fixture on both sides of the fabric or zipper frequency modulation vibration, so that the molecules between the fabrics move to achieve the purpose of integration.

Need to go to specific machines and customized molds before they can be produced.

Semi finished products also see the product effect.

At the packaging site, we can see how simple and beautiful the finished products are.

High frequency welding is only a special link in the manufacturing process, as well as sewing, finishing, packaging and so on.

In this way, a new and original waterproof photography bag came out.

If someone asks you what kind of camera bag is waterproof, you have to ask him about the use scene and waterproof performance requirements. Of course, the podragon waterproof camera bag, which integrates strong waterproof, fall proof, portability and beauty, is one of the best portable waterproof camera bags at present.

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