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Riding, reloading and traveling, Sedagon pack road test, practical and reliable, good things

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-16 13:46:00

Today, I tried to ride the s pack. Get ready to go and take a packing car.

Four all black riding packs. Two 23L, two 18L.

This configuration is a reloading trip. Such equipment is usually used for long-distance cycling.

Arrived at the destination. It is a tributary of the Pearl River system. It's called riverside Hengmen.

Fortunately, there are few pedestrians here. There are fewer vehicles. It can be said that the environment is more suitable. It's safe.

Install the four piggyback bags behind the car. Everything is ready.

There are many picturesque roadside plants here. The horsetail grass in winter is particularly romantic under the wind.

A large area of horsetail grass makes people have to stop and take more photos.

The all black sedagon pack looks particularly stable and atmospheric. A powerful aura came.

The sky is very clear in winter. When it is reflected in the river, it becomes a blue wave light. The breeze blows and waves appear.

I like the feeling of the river, the sunshine, the breeze and the singing of the river.

The bridge and the river form a beautiful geometric line.

The weeds along the river are also very beautiful. It complements each other by submerging the bicycle.

Read to thousands of miles of smoke. How many people have stayed since ancient times?

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