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Brief report on the evaluation of the use of a swimming waterproof waist bag in shallow water

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-13 18:10:51

It coincides with the warm weather and bright sunshine, and comes with a waterproof waist bag with an air tight zipper opening

Podragon Waterproof waist bag!

The sea water is salty. Soak the waterproof waist bag in the sea water today and pay attention to cleaning later. Of course, before we start, let's get to know our pockets. This is a welded portable bag with air tight zipper opening, single-sided TPU film and multiple PU coatings on the surface.

Podragon waterproof waist bag

Waterproof level: ipx8

Product first impression:

Small and medium-sized waist bag + with waterproof function, exquisite and firm.

The transparent window of the front bag is also a partition. In fact, the waist bag is an entrance, but the design is more exquisite and reasonable.

Model effect of podragon waterproof waist bag

Wearing it on my body, I'm just in good shape, medium to strong - I look like I've been mixing outdoors all year round. My belt is a little small and long, but it's tightly wrapped. If the object is too heavy, it feels a little falling, but it won't shake.

The belt is 1.5in wide, nylon, soft, and still soft after wet water.

Podragon waterproof waist bag with large capacity

2. Capacity: it can carry a lot of items, such as wallet, power bank, mobile phone and some keys, which are just packed. The bag has a capacity of about 1.5L and belongs to small and medium-sized waist bag.

The purse rolls repeatedly in the water, just like a dragon.

Sometimes they rush into the blue sky and then fall into the water, splashing waves.

Close up of airtight zipper of podragon waterproof waist bag, pay attention to the indentation on both sides of the zipper

3. Close up of air tight zipper: This is the legendary air tight zipper. It has disadvantages. It's so tight that it's difficult for gas to pass through. Is it black technology?

Podragon waterproof waist bag - origin logo

4. Product label: This is also made in China. Normally, these processes are not done abroad, and OEM production is also OK

I understand.

After all, foreign labor is expensive. Pay attention to non ironing, how much temperature to use...

The seaside is filled with the voice of vitality and happiness

5. I went to the seaside for testing. A wave of children were playing here. When I heard the surging sound of the sea, I was really excited.

Podragon waterproof waist bag drifting on the sea

Podragon waterproof Bodypack for sea surfing

Close up of podragon waterproof Bodypack surfing

6. No matter 3721, first throw the zipped waist bag into the sea and let it roll in the waves.

Podragon waterproof Bodypack tested in seawater

7. Several small waves roll, and the waist bag also dances and rolls with it, sometimes with the bottom facing the sky, sometimes with the face up, and the zipper is looming

And because there was gas in the waist bag, it floated around and didn't sink.

Podragon waterproof waistpack swims in the waves

The podragon waterproof waistpack is comfortable in the ups and downs

The gas in the podragon waterproof waist bag has not weakened at all

The waves remain

8. Then I got into the water in my clothes, had fun, splashed water everywhere, patted the water on my waist and withstood the water

Run and impact of force.

Podragon waterproof waist bag

9. After about one hour of use and tossing, I finally went ashore and opened the zipper. I found that the inside of my waist bag was as clean as before

There are signs of water penetration.

Podragon waterproof waist bag

10. After preliminary judgment, the waist bag is first-class waterproof and has been completely waterproof in shallow water.

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