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What are the categories of waterproof waist bag? How to choose a suitable mobile phone waterproof waist bag when swimming and snorkeling?

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Friends who play outdoor sports know that outdoor waterproof is very important, especially for wading activities, rainy season, crossing and vacation, mobile phones, wallets, bank cards and licenses. When you go to Maldives, you need to be relieved and happy, right? Be prepared to prevent accidental losses. Taking good care of your valuables is the top priority!

Then, for wading activities, a waterproof waist bag is the best weapon, with many functions such as portability, protection, waterproof, lightweight and so on. So what are the waterproof waist bags? How to identify fake waterproof and full waterproof waist bag? It is worth discussing with you.

Classification of waterproof waist bag:

From the fabric:

Waterproof waist bags mainly talk about those whose waterproof level reaches ipx6 or above. There are many kinds on the market now. If only from the perspective of fabric, they are mainly divided into two categories, one is PVC mesh cloth and the other is TPU fitting cloth. For the time being, the waterproof waist bag against rain on the market is not included here. After all, it is not really waterproof, and its waterproof level is IPX3 at most.

PVC mesh clip cloth is mainly made of polyester mesh, and then PVC materials are pasted on both sides.

What about TPU? In the middle is nylon material, which has different strength due to different Dan numbers. On both sides, it is TPU material, but the thickness is different. Some laminating cloth, only one side. Therefore, there are differences in waterproof strength.

Opening and closing from the bag opening:

If the difference of waterproof waist bag is from the opening and closing of the bag mouth, it is mainly divided into two categories: one is the open waist bag with roll mouth / bundle mouth, and the other is the open waist bag with zipper.

The opening method of rolling mouth and binding mouth is a relatively traditional method, which has a history of decades. In fact, the process is not complex, the production is relatively simple, the design is not complex, and then it is very convenient to use. But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it will loosen after soaking in the water for a long time, which is easy to water and seepage. There is also, um, the roll mouth needs to be folded. It is troublesome and sloppy to use. It is not very convenient and concise. Generally, Velcro is used to roll the mouth of the bag. The Velcro is usually PVC. In cold and overheated environments, there will be certain use risks.

As for the zipper opening, the early waterproof zipper is not good either. The early waterproof zipper is only a simple PVC film added to the traditional sewing zipper. However, the zipper opening does not solve the problem of waterproof. In the process of use, water will be immersed from the zipper gap. Therefore, the development of waterproof zipper has been relatively slow. The waterproof bag made of waterproof zipper in the early stage can only prevent rain, that is, below moderate and light rain, so it is far from the requirements of outdoor use.

With the progress of zipper technology revolution, YKK and tizip have conquered the real airtight zipper. Coupled with the progress of airtight zipper technology in China in recent years, the waterproof zipper has better met the requirements of various harsh environments in the polar region. It even meets the waterproof requirements of diving level. If you want to meet the requirements of deep diving, the structure of the zipper is completely different from the feeling of use. For example, YKK's air tight zipper is engaged by double gears, so as to achieve the purpose of physical isolation of water and gas. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to pull, and the use experience is slightly poor. However, it is relatively easy to pull the waterproof zipper. Its structure is single gear, and the depth used in diving is strictly limited. Therefore, you can't have both fish and bear's paw! According to the market situation, the cost of waterproof zipper is not low. It costs $50 a yard, and generally costs about $9.

Therefore, waterproof waist bags with good waterproof zippers are expensive. All waterproof waist bags have now become a new category.

Appearance and appearance:

Now many people in the market boast that they are waterproof waist bags. In fact, they are not really waterproof. They just prevent water splashing. Everyone should see clearly!

From the perspective of appearance classification, the waterproof waist bag that can be truly waterproof can be divided into two types: no design and design flow. The former directly only seeks function but not beauty, while the latter needs function and appearance.

There are still few diving grade waterproof waist bags on the market. The so-called diving machine waterproof waist bag can only be achieved by taking the amount intimately. The waterproof waist bag of the traditional rolling mouth and binding mouth method can not be achieved, because after testing, the rolling mouth method basically starts to leak after soaking in the water for half an hour. If the pressure of the swivel is not enough to block the pressure of the water, Then the water will seep into the body along the roll mouth.

Waterproof waist bag wonderful photography

Waterproof waist bag outdoor photo:

Podragon Waterproof waist bag

Podragon snorkeling waist bag

Podragon mobile phone waist bag

Podragon Diving bag

The common brand of diving grade waterproof waist bag is the North American brand podragon. Its waterproof waist bag has been serialized and can fit different people.

A good waterproof waist bag is the embodiment of art. When you wear it, you also feel its shiny and elegant aura.

No matter East, West, north, South, spring, summer, autumn and winter, swimming, drifting, bathing in hot springs or snorkeling, surfing, motorboat, bring a waterproof waist bag, mobile phone wallet, license and private supplies, and everything is under your control. The copyright belongs to the author. Please contact the author for reprint in any form.

No matter East, West, north, South, spring, summer, autumn and winter, swimming, drifting, bathing in hot springs or snorkeling, surfing, motorboat, bring a waterproof waist bag, mobile phone wallet, license and private supplies, and everything is under your control.

Starting from the Maldives or Sanya, choose a waterproof waist bag suitable for your own needs, so you can have a worry free and happy journey, right!?

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