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Why is the podragon diving flipper bag designed like this? What are the characteristics and advantages of diving equipment storage bag?

Author:Zhongshan Sedagon outdoor products Co., Ltd Click: Time:2022-02-11 21:21:02

Podragon waterproof backpack flipper bag seaside video.

Why is the podragon diving flipper bag designed like this? What are the characteristics?

1. General idea: reverse reasoning for design according to the actual needs of users, and do everything according to needs

2. Diving mobile phone side bag: in the era of smart phones, the care of mobile phones and other valuables is the top priority

3. Retractable kettle side bag: plug-in design suitable for multiple scenes to facilitate drinking water and reduce scraping in neutral

4. Webbed front pocket: in addition to storing flippers, the front pocket is designed as an elastic rope net pocket, which can hang some wet clothes or helmets

5. Air valve: this blessing can lift the air blowing in when soaking in water without additional inflation device

6. Bottom foot pad: reduce the risk of bottom wear

7. Inner bag: add an inner bag, which is durable and waterproof, so that when a large number of wet clothes need to be stored, the inner bag also has a dry compartment to store clean items

8. Safety: there are reflective silk screen prints or reflective sheets on the front and back, and the elastic rope is reflective. It is safe at night, and even easy to find when there is light at a long distance

9. Bag opening transparent sheet: strengthen the sealing after folding

10. Professional backpack system: the airflow grade integrated 3D back cushion is rigid and soft, which greatly improves the comfort and practicability of the backpack

11. Main material TPU net clip: more durable, more cold and heat resistant, better touch feeling, no odor, and the addition of environmental friendly materials greatly prolongs the service life of the whole bag.

In short, the materials are exquisite, the design is novel, the air tight zipper is used for protection, and the professional burden improves the quality and use experience of the whole bag. This is an excellent webbed bag and free diving equipment backpack.

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