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Which is the best waterproof photography bag? The fully waterproof camera bag keeps you free from wind and rain

Author:CeRiver Click: Time:2022-02-11 09:39:02 From:Waterproof bag factory Sedagon

Water proof video of podragon waterproof photography bag.

The cottage is rampant for thousands of miles, and the original is vicissitudes of life, I hope there will be no imitation in the world!


This is a sigh, a realistic sigh. In large production countries, in industrial transportation centers, originality is scarce, and intellectual property rights are very cold.

Podragon waterproof camera bag-camera belt bag

Photography is not restricted to sunny days! Not afraid of waves, let alone splashing!

Innovative background:

Looking for a camera belt bag that is truly waterproof and portable, it is keenly aware of the existence of this demand.

Waterproof performance:

Its waterproof performance reaches ipx6 level, which is water resistance and can withstand splashes from all angles.

IPX-6 water-resistant protection against large waves can last for 2-3 minutes against a depth of 3 meters underwater,

It will not enter the interior even if it is sprayed by water.

1. The inner tank with a wall thickness of 10mm can withstand the impact of a free fall 100cm.

Apart from being really waterproof, this waterproof camera bag has other characteristics such as portability, lightness and a variety of carrying methods.

Both the waist belt and the shoulder strap can be detached, which is convenient for storage and elastic adjustment, and can be combined with a mountaineering bag.

Good carrying experience, can withstand the toss in the wild, reliable and light.

Applicable to many scenarios:

Tolerance is great, convenient to travel

Conveniently travel through the wilderness or the cit

Shock and drop

The camera bag liner is 10mm thick EVA cotton, which is shock-resistant, drop-proof and shock-resistant.

Focus on design, comprehensive consideration of practicality, nowadays, the high-quality products produced, waterproof photography pockets, unique perspective design, have value, content and more performance! This is Podragon (Baojielong, Baijianglong), the unique brand power.

Caring for our originality, we should get a definite return just for paying, not for picking peaches for others.

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