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Full waterproof high-end waterproof backpack 36L large capacity webbed bag diving equipment Backpack

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Podragon full waterproof high-end waterproof backpack 36L large capacity webbed bag, diving equipment backpack!

Professional backpack system, rich plug-in system, multiple interior bag separation design, side mobile phone waterproof bag, side kettle net pocket
Exquisite and high-end thickened TPU fitting waterproof fabric, excellent hand feel, no odor, relaxed and natural.

Podragon's logo comes with reflective, family style prismatic design. Unique.

The shoulder system has a wide waist blade, and EVA foam back cushion to dredge the air flow. The adjustable shoulder belt and shoulder belt can easily carry heavy objects and make walking easy and comfortable.

Podragon webbed backpack can accommodate a pair of long fins, with excellent bag capacity, and the folding opening can expand a certain capacity

The front face is a podragon family style dry and wet separation external net bag, and the elastic rope belt reflects light, ensuring that this aspect also has night reflection ability to ensure safety.

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