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Sedagon brand definition:

Sedagon - the leader of aesthetic creation in the field of waterproof bags! We pursue good outdoor life and beautiful outdoor life.

The sea-the sea, the sea-like broad mind, majestic, majestic. Ze-grace. Dragon-national totem.

It means the mind of the sea, benefits all beings, and the dragon travels the world!
Zhongshan Sedagon Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. welcomes your visit!

Design, development, production and sales of high-end waterproof bags, waterproof backpacks, wading equipment bags, bicycle bags and other outdoor professional fashion equipment.

After 5 years of development, the company now has 12 elite talents of various types, 20 skilled employees, and a plant area of 1,200 square meters.

The company has advanced production equipment and a complete quality management system, and has formed a cooperative alliance with many downstream suppliers.

In order to better serve customized customers, better R&D and innovation, lay a solid foundation.

Sedagon Outdoor Products, focuses on the development, design, production and marketing of high-end outdoor products for fashion and professional outdoor equipment.

It has unique experience and advantages in the fields of waterproof photography bags, mobile phone waterproof bags, waterproof waist bags, sports backpacks, and bicycle bags.

Provide professional and stylish, reliable and wonderful extraordinary experience for professional outdoor people!

Welcome new and old friends from all corners of the world to discuss and exchange, and win the future together.


Welding production site


Introduction to waterproof factory

Overview of sedagon outdoor products factory



Large production workshop with sufficient capacity.



It has 8 sets of the industry's largest FM seamless welding equipment.



Large welding equipment ensures that large bags can be used quickly.



More than 50 other customized welding equipment.



It has super large cutting bed and complete production line to ensure the successful completion of delivery date.



Skilled skilled workers and perfect integration with machines are the key to high-quality manufacturing.



With more than 20 years of working experience, it is a secret weapon for elite engineers to solve problems.



This is us, sedagon outdoor products company, a professional manufacturer of waterproof bags, to provide you with OEM / ODM one-stop solutions.

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