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10L waterproof bicycle bag, bicycle front hanging bag, riding pack, waterproof camel bag

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Welcome to OEM / ODM business!

MOQ: 500pcs, delivery time about 40-75 days.


Seadragon bicycle front pack

Model: bkt11l65y

Suspension: dragon claw generation 1 Pro

Specification: 330 * 300-230 * 135mm

Capacity: 11.5L

Net weight: 605g

Fabric: 600D nylon fit TPU

Configuration specification: 600D nylon fit TPU, dragon claw 1st generation Pro suspension system.

Production process: seamless welding high frequency technology, to achieve no leakage.

Convenient function: the suspension matching rack is extensive, and the whole suspension system is tool free.

Business matching: the mainstream 13 inch notebook can be stored in the market, and the business style is very popular.

Safety design: large reflectors on both sides ensure the reflection of light and worry free riding at night.

Accumulation of trust: more than 200000 sets of riding road verification, reliable solid work.

The capacity is 10L each, which is suitable for hanging on both sides of the self drawn front frame.

A pair can be used alone.

The waterproof performance can reach ipx5 / 6, and can withstand strong winds and rainstorms

Structure and material of waterproof hanging bag.

Capacity, ordinary 14 inch notebooks can be accommodated.

It can also be used as a rear hanging side bag. The effect is shown in the figure.

It can also be used with other large piggyback bags, one before and one after.

After removal, it can be carried on one shoulder or by one hand.

It is easy to carry and can be used for commuting.

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